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Thanks Big Guy

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Happy Sunday, my sweet friends!!  You know that this is Gratitude Day here at close2bliss.  I have always had this overwhelming sense of gratitude since my first recollection of being alive.  I remember thinking as a kid how lucky I was.  I have a family that is truly exquisite.  I will definitely give you more details about that in future posts; but, today I want to share a story of two people who I recently met that have given me great joy.  I will only use their initials as I have not asked their permission to use their full names, yet.  If they agree to it, I will give you more information later.  For now, I am going to refer to them as ‘T’ &’ A’ (really, no pun intended).  I met these two delightful ladies at Laney’s preschool.  I don’t know them well; but, I really consider them friends.  They have always been abundantly friendly to me.  Have you ever met someone and instantly you felt like you have known them forever?  These ladies are just that way!  They always make me laugh!  They are both great storytellers; and I always feel terribly grateful to know them.  Today, after dropping Laney off at school, I talked to ‘T’ (She is’ A’s’ mother) for close to an hour.  In that hour, she told me several delightful stories about her life and her family.  ‘A’ is her only child; however, she talked about all the “foster” kids she has “raised” and loved in her life.  Specifically, she talked about a special young man who is currently deployed in Afghanistan.  She mentioned a recent phone conversation she had with him.  He confided in her that he feared for the lives of his men and his own.  He believes that they are not taking this war thing seriously enough and are making careless mistakes.  You see, they work in a recon unit for the USMC.  I don’t think I need to tell you this, but they are knee deep in danger all the time.   One little blink or misstep could mean the death of all of them.  Anyway, I ramble, but ‘T’ asked him what she could do to help.  She is always helping someone.  She is a self-proclaimed giver.  What she decided to do is put the fear of God in them and she made a video (or a recorded message, can’t remember which)  that she sent over.  In the message she said, and I am going to paraphrase, that if he was hurt in any way due to their carelessness that they would not be able to find a rock to hide under to escape her wrath.  I’ll bet that made a huge difference in how they conduct themselves.  I also bet that video will save lives.  Can you imagine how the families who will get to hold their loved ones again might feel about it…do you think they would feel grateful?  I know I would!

Now, I am a girl who was born into many great blessings.  The obvious ones are family, health and friends; however, my intention for sharing this story is this…be grateful for the blessings that you never expected, too.  In the hustle and bustle of life, it is far too easy NOT to take the time to enjoy the simple moments.  I don’t know if ‘T’ will ever read this, she does not own a computer….and doesn’t intend to.  (Hell, she doesn’t even text!!  She actually picks up the phone, dials the number, and speaks to the people she loves….maybe I should try that more often! )   I am sharing it because she made me smile that day.  She made me laugh.  She made me feel like shedding a happy tear.  She made me stop and take a minute to give thanks for all the troops who have risked their lives (and sacrificed their lives) in all the many wars in history.  We enjoy safety and freedom because of them.  I guess, in a nutshell, she made my day and I am eternally grateful for that.  Hope you find a ‘T’ or an ‘A’ today; and I sincerely hope that you will not be too blinded by the thought of your ever growing “to-do” list to notice  :).  Actually, I am going to expect that you will notice; and be grateful for that too.  After all, the law of attraction says to expect what you want to happen, right?

Much love!!


PS  “When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”  Anthony Robbins

PPS  Sent another letter to Joe Vitale today and I am very grateful for his highly anticipated (but not yet received) response to my scholarship “application”………One day I’ll post those letters!!

This song was originally written and performed by Carole King and it’s called “You’ve Got A Friend”.  This is the version that I love the most because it is performed by Sweet Baby James.  Yes, James Taylor, folks.  His songs evoke such emotion in me and in millions of others.  Let’s be grateful for that!  Sing with me, won’t you?