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The Reverse Pessimist Club

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For those of you who don’t know, I don’t watch the news.  I have very little knowledge of current events.  Thank God for my husband because he keeps me posted if something really catastrophic happens that I should pray about; or something I may be embarrassed not to know at a cocktail party or social event.  I don’t think I could name five senators or congressman that are serving right now.  I would literally have to strain every remaining brain cell  to drum up the names…I’m not kidding.  And I’m really not a complete idiot.  Actually, I am pretty smart.  I was the valedictorian of my Senior class which means virtually nada at this point.  I kind of sucked in college because I was too busy socializing; but, I could have made “A’s” if I had applied myself.  I just have no tolerance for the news.  Case in point, Fox News reported (via ticker) the other day that President Obama played golf the day after the Tsunami hit Japan.  In addition, they said that this was his 61st golf game since taking office.  (I was at Johnny’s NY Pizza with Laney and I happened to glance at the TV in case you were wondering why I was watching the news.)  Do I really give a shit?  Do you?  I think I probably care about the President’s golf game about as much as I care about whether Charlie Sheen is drunk and banging 10 prostitutes at the Palms in Vegas.  Is this really news?  I mean, I’m not a complete imbecile; I get the implication.  How insensitive it is for our president to be out enjoying himself mere hours after one of the greatest natural disasters we have ever witnessed (I suppose he did ask for that one!).  Now, don’t get me wrong here, I have very little in common with our current president.  I am not a political animal; however, our views on how to run this country couldn’t be more opposite.  I didn’t vote for him; nor will I in the future.  (And, no…it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.  He could be green for all I care.)  I consider myself somewhere between republican and libertarian…leaning much closer to libertarian.  I just want the government to be kept to a minimum.  I want them to get the hell out of our decisions that aren’t their business (i.e marriage, etc..)  Anyway, I’m feeling a little shaky on the “soap box” so I am going to step down.  My point is, Why do we care?  Do we just want a reason to bitch?  Do we thrive on judging people harshly?  Have we really gotten so good at being hypocrites?   I mean do we really need to bash other people or watch them be bashed to feel more self worth?  God, that sounds so counterintuitive to me.

There’s another thing that may be entirely unrelated, I admit; but you know I’m a rambler!!  What is up with this ‘politically correct’ thing that’s been going on for far too long, now.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m actually quite tactful and gracious.  I strive very hard NOT to say or do something that is going to hurt someone’s feelings or make them feel insecure or whatever.  Off track, a bit, isn’t the term ‘politically correct’ an oxymoron anyway.  I mean is politics actually correct?  Are politicians?  I’m just gonna let those questions stir around in YOUR mind a while.  I bet we might come to the same conclusion.  But back to the PC thing, it’s gotten us all very confused.  It’s like the world is filled with a whole bunch of eggshells and we don’t know where to step to avoid breaking one of them.  But what if we say something like he’s white instead of saying he’s Caucasian.  Is that wrong?  No ill intent, just an innocent and true statement.  I am white and if someone calls me white; I am NOT offended.  You know, quite frankly, even if someone said it with malicious intent I don’t care.  Would you?  Don’t you think it is time that we stop assuming that people are trying to hurt us?  Don’t you think it’s time…don’t you think it’s time……..(hint: Today’s song choice)

I think I’ll start a “Reverse Pessimist” club.  Not the optimist club where we just think positively; but a club where everyone is convinced that everyone else is striving to help them.  That the universe is simply working overtime to deliver everything we want at the perfect time.  I can’t take credit for the term.  I heard Jack Canfield talk about it in an interview.  He was describing his mentor W. Clement Stone.  If you aren’t familiar with Stone, look him up on Wikipedia….it is a very inspiring story.  Anyway, he said no matter what happened, Stone always acted as if that was exactly what he needed at that time to get to the next step.  He thought the whole world was bending and shifting to produce the most desired outcome for HIS benefit.  And Jack, who is no slouch at optimism, either, talks about Stone with such amazement even today decades later.  I suppose it’s kind of like wearing rose colored contact lenses underneath rose colored glasses, underneath rose colored goggles topped off with a helmet with a rose colored shield.  Wouldn’t it be nice to view the world that way?  It just occurred to me…we CAN view the world that way!!  Yes, bad things will happen because humans are mortal and the loss of one hurts someone else; but, by and large we can do it too!!  Let’s start right now!  Send your application via the comment box to “The Close2Bliss Reverse Pessimist Club”.  Every application WILL be accepted!!

Much Love!!


PS  My song choice makes perfect sense to me…hope it does to you too.  It is called “Love Can Build a Bridge” by The Judds.  I love it……am singing it to the top of my lungs right now!!

PPS  Check out YouTube sometime for little snippets of Jack Canfield, Bob Doyle, and Joe Vitale’s seminars.  They are always so inspiring; and freeeeeee!  Actually, they are priceless!