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Attitude of Gratitude

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Happy Sunday everyone!  And, for those of you in the world that this applies, hopefully you have sprung forward by now.  I have decided that going forward Sunday will be “Gratitude Day” here at close2bliss.    Please join me by commenting on the post about the things that you are most grateful for.  Here’s what…I am currently completely grateful for Andy Cohen.  Does anyone out there know Andy?  Well, I can’t give you a full bio on him (you can ask Google, though, I’m sure he knows) but what I want to thank him for is producing the most delightful television of all time.  You see, Andy is the Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development for the greatest television network of all time…Bravo TV.  He is responsible for a little known series we have come to know as “The Housewives”.  Oh, I can’t tell you how much pleasure and laughter this treasure has bestowed on me over the last few years.  You know it started in OC (Orange County, CA) and has spread like wildfire to New York (my absolute favorite….the others are very close seconds), New Jersey (Oh my!), Atlanta (Drama X 1000), DC, Beverly Hills ( there are no words), and the newborn…Miami.  I love them all!!!!!!  It is a like a perfect storm of fun, friendship, drama, money, cattiness, loyalty and reality heaven!!  Now some of you may say that it qualifies as a “guilty pleasure”; but, I don’t feel guilty at all!  Neither should you, people, own it, love it, watch it and make no apologies for it!!

Now, Andy also gave me what might be my greatest gift ever (outside of my family, kids, health, etc…) and her name is Bethenny!  Please may we have just one quick moment of silence in honor of that fact.  I first “met” Bethenny Frankel years ago on Martha Stewart’s Apprentice.  It was love at first sight.  Martha hated her and that made me love her even more!!  You know, B, as I am wont to call her should we meet in person, is the girl who says all the things that we are thinking and afraid to say.  You know I’m right.  She makes no apologies for her indiscretions and she can shred you with words one minute and then turn right around and make your heart melt.  I have been toying with this fantasy of a television talk show, recently, that would be co hosted by Bethenny and me (of course, who else would they choose?).  We both have a quick wit and we like naughty humor; and, I can just see it so clearly.  We could interview parents who have achieved great success (you know, celebs and entrepreneurs and the like) and discuss what they teach their  children about the law of attraction.  Find out what they did to achieve great things and what we should be doing collectively to enhance the future of the next generation.  But, do it in a very silly and funny way…not like a Dr. Phil kind of way.  No offense, Doc, I think you are great and funny.  I told my husband the other day that I thought the chemistry would be so amazing between Bethenny and me because she is a self proclaimed “ball-buster” and my approach to people is more of a “ball fondler”, if you will.  I just think it would be hilarious!  I’ll keep you posted as new developments arise…

On a more serious note, I am eternally grateful for my family (immediate and extended).  I am grateful for my health.  I am grateful to have experienced some successes, some failures, some exciting times, some boring times, some great love and some devastating heartbreaks. I am grateful for my past, my present and my future.  I am glad that I am courageous and I am glad to be scared.  I am thankful for my confidence and my insecurities.  Are you following me, here?  Please give thanks for everything in your life that has brought you to this moment.  If what they say is true about reading an inspirational book…when you finish you are a different person…a better person.  The chapters in the book that is my/your life have made us what we are and we are beautiful. Oh, and Big guy, upstairs…my eternal thanks to you (I’m talking about God)!!

And, as usual, I have run out of things to say, so I suppose I must sing……

That is a song entitled “Thank You” by Alanis Morissette.  Really listen to the lyrics.  (Oh, Thank you, Ed, for showing me how to embed this video..I love you!)

Much love!!


PS:  If you are feeling particularly down or disgusted in the moment, the most certain way to snap out of it is to feel grateful for something.  Think of that one thing or person that you are most thankful for and I promise you will feel better.  It doesn’t have to be anything earth shattering; it might just be as simple as reading this blog… :)!

PPS:  Please visit to check the schedule of The Housewives of Miami, The Housewives of OC, The Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After.  (I believe these are the housewives shows that are currently playing.)  I’m sorry, I don’t have the schedules memorized…I mean, I have a 4 year old, people!!

Last but certainly not least, my prayers go out to all the victims of the recent Tsunami.