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Mother’s Day

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I mentioned on my last post that I was going to discuss my Mother’s Day Gift given to me by my beautiful Laney.  Well, first off, she created the most exquisite “bouquet of flowers” that consisted of a cut out of her hand print folded beautifully with a little yellow tissue paper in the center to look like a Calla Lilly.  I guess that’s what it was supposed to look like…my knowledge of flowers isn’t the best.  Anyway, three beautiful white flowers were mounted on popsicle sticks and place in a little terra cotta pot that she decorated with her own two hands.  The greatest thing about the plant is that I can’t kill it!  That is a miracle in and of itself.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with a green thumb or the desire to cultivate one.

I pledge to you, Laney, that I will cherish this potted plant always.  I will display it proudly in our home and I WILL NOT allow it get ruined under a pile of junk or shove it somewhere in a house cleaning rant.  It will be cherished always…until the flowers dry rot, of course.  Who knows, perhaps I’ll get the chance to embarrass you with it on your first date night.  Don’t get me wrong, it is nothing to be embarrassed about….unless you are a teenager, of course.

Part two of the gift was a questionnaire called “The Mother’s Day Fact Sheet”.  This is an edited version…check it out!

My mother’s name is Lori

She is 60 years old  (I’m actually 43 :()

She weighs 3 pounds. (I’ll tell you my diet tips later…)

I’d like to live with my mom for the rest of the days more years. (I’ll enjoy that while it lasts…)

My mother’s favorite T.V. show is American Idol (She knows me pretty well!)

I can tell when my mom is mad when she puts me in bed (Only occasionally true)

My mother deserves an award for hugs (That one brought a tear to my eye.)

Now, I am not so grateful about my daughter adding 17 years to my life.  Conversely, I am ever so happy that she reduced my weight by oh 100 pounds, give or take ;).  I also know that the day is coming when she will be eager to leave the nest.  I remember how sad my Mother was when I left the nest to go away to college; but, I returned for a while as many of us do.  And, I have made a resolution with myself that I will not whittle away the time worrying about the day when she flies away.  I will spend my time preparing her and strengthening her little wings.  Sure, I will be sad to see her go; but the other side of me will be so proud to watch her soar.  Interestingly enough, I know that our relationship will evolve into that beautiful friendship that I now have with my own mother.

What do you do with your children to prepare them for flight?  I would love to hear about it!!  Who knows, I might just write a book about it….

Much Love!!


PS:  A little science for you to think about…from the ages of 2-6, your child’s mind operates in a theta wave state.  This means that everything they observe goes into their subconscious mind.  The conscious mind actually isn’t even working at this point, everything bypasses straight into the subconscious.  They are highly creative and imaginative and can believe in magic and miracles during this stage.  Furthermore, the words and actions that they hear and see from all of us who have a hand in their upbringing go into the file cabinet of their psyche.  Make sure you are adding ‘files’ that will serve them well and help them reach great heights.  In other words, don’t fill their subconscious minds with nonsense that will lead to debilitating fears and erroneous beliefs .  I’ll tell you what I do.  I CONSCIOUSLY think about what I am going to say to Laney even if I am feeling impatient or angry.  I then structure my words and actions in such a way that the file I place in her cabinet is beneficial to her in the long run.  Think of it this way, do you want your child to lead a healthy and long life?  Based on research, their emotional state has a great effect on their physical health.  And, their emotional state will be a direct indication of the beliefs that are held in their subconscious minds.

PPS:  Oh, and if you are thinking that it is a lot of effort to control your words and actions…it isn’t.  When you practice it, it becomes second nature to you.  And, even if it is a great effort…isn’t is worth it?

Oh, and Laney when I receive my award for hugs, I’ll do it  With Arms Wide Open!!


Idol Top 5

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(Warning:  I wrote this over the course of three days…don’t ask.  Hope you enjoy the disjointed stream of Lori Mind Mode consciousness…)

I was going to recap the previous week of Idol since I unfortunately missed my post; but, who cares?  Casey got voted off and that really sucks.  C’est la vie…there can only be one winner, right?  So, I’ll spare you the details and move right along to this week.

Holy shit!!  I cannot believe what I just heard.  Durby (i.e. James Durbin) won the goosebump award.  When he sang, “Without You” while tears welled up in his eyes and spilled over in the end, I melted.  And as tone deaf as I am, I actually did hear the imperfections in the performance, but it didn’t matter.  That 30 Seconds To Mars song he sang was none too shabby, either.  Don’t tell Jared Leto (bandmember), but I liked Durby’s version better.  I also have to whisper this one…I think he actually might win (Shhh!).  Beyond excited!!

Conversely, I am in total disagreement with the judges take on the first song Haley performed last night.  It was an unreleased Lady Gaga song and I get their point; but, I loved it!!  And, then her performance of “House of the Rising Sun” (frankly, not one of my favorite songs) was amazing!!  She absolutely has to record that for her first album or iPod download.  J Lo was right when she said that song was never performed so well.  That, my friends, is why I give Haley top honors for last night!!  She took a risk and she rocked it out!!  I totally love her voice.  I wish I could growl like that…….ROAR!!!     You know, I have to give her the original naturability award too.  Regardless of your opinion about her voice, you have to admit…she is unique!

Two things I must mention about my utter delight over this week’s episode:

  • Each contestant sang 2 songs
  • SHERYL CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next…I am going to toot my own horn by announcing that my prediction for this week was absolutely correct.  I told myself on Wednesday night that Jacob would be out and I was right!  I really did!  I know how convenient that may sound since I know the results while writing this; but I did call it!  So, now that I am feeling a bit cocky about my ability to foresee the future I am going to predict that the final two will be Durby  (of course), and wait for it…………..Haley.  We’ll see if I go two for two.

Now, Scotty and Lauren, if you are reading this as I am certain you probably are….no offense.  I think you both are perfectly wonderful.  You both sang two of my favorite ballads of all time…”Unchained Melody” and “You Were Always On My Mind”.  By the way, Scotty, I think I would have called it Willie’s version and not Elvis’…just saying!  Anyway, I am sticking to my guns:  James and Haley in the final two.

Now, let’s talk about Sheryl Crow for a minute.  I personally think she is one of the coolest performers of our time.  She started out as a music teacher .  She sang in a band at night and finally one day she just decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  One of her first gigs was none other than a McDonald’s jingle that she reportedly made $40,000 to sing.  At the time, that probably represented twice her annual salary as a teacher.

She then landed a job touring with Michael Jackson.  She has performed and written music for a very esteemed list of rock and roll legends that includes The Eagles, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kid Rock, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, & Stevie Nicks to name a few.

When she finally got a record deal, her first album (self titled) was scrapped by the record company.  She has endured controversy, publishing right disputes, a lifelong battle with depression, public break ups, breast cancer and is now a single mother to two toddler boys.  Talk about resilient!!   I have never seen her in concert; but, it is on my bucket list!!

Anyway, I simply have to put this one to bed, guys.   Three days is long enough, don’t you think?  I probably only worked on it for a grand total of 40 minutes if you add it all up; but it feels like an eternity.

Much Love!!


PS  Stay tuned for my Mother’s Day Post…

PPS  What is your favorite Sheryl Crow song?  Mine is  “My Favorite Mistake” with Eric Clapton on guitar

Hello Stranger!!

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Well, I am a little heartbroken today.  I just realized Casey got voted off last week from American Idol and I miss him already.  I know you are probably thinking that I have been under a rock or caught in some weird time warp and I suppose that is not far from the truth.  I simply had to choose some higher priority matters last week and I did not get my AI post done.  I am so sorry; but, I simply won’t burden you with any further excuses on the matter.  Let’s just say that I am a recovered “Excuse-a-holic”.   And, to be perfectly honest, I haven’t gone back to watch the full episode….but I will; and I will share the results combined with tonight’s results tomorrow.  Thanks for understanding.

Lately, I have been hearing and reading a lot about the struggle that people are having making the law of attraction work for them…to their benefit.  More and more fascinating scientific evidence is being shared every day to help people believe; but, I think people DO believe.  I just think they are having a hard time relating to the people that they watch, read or listen to.

You see, when I watch the experts talk in webinars, etc., they seem so….there.  Does that make sense?  I actually heard someone ask Bob Proctor if he ever has a bad day and he responded by saying that at this stage of the game he only has bad moments.  When the bad emotions rear their ugly heads, he is very proficient at shifting so they don’t last long.  Once upon a time in his life, he admits to having bad days, weeks, even months.  Through conscious effort, actions, results, and many years of practice, he has achieved mastery over his own mind and most importantly, his emotions.

For me, it feels a little like treading water.  I know that the effort to swim will get me to the shore.  I am fully aware that I can’t tread water forever or I will exhaust myself and drown.  And, I also know that once I reach the shore, when I stand on solid ground, it will feel effortless.  So, my advice to myself and those of you in this same “boat” is to move in the direction of the shoreline.   Oh, and when (or if) you stop along the way and become tempted to tread again, don’t.   Swimmmm…Forrest….swimmm!!!   (In case you don’t get it;I took that from the movie Forrest Gump, speaking of being under a rock ;))

You see all the coaches and mentors in the achievement business say it is perfectly normal and necessary to feel the resistance.   You just have to isolate the source of it, deal with it, and sidestep it.  Furthermore, remain focused on the end goal…what your life will look like and the emotions associated with achieving that life.  Write the description of it on paper, read it over out loud twice a day or as often as you need to.  Meditate over the thought of having it right now!!  Then, as the creative urges hit you, act on them without hesitation.  Take it from me, the hesitation will take you too far off course.  The fear and the insecurity that arise are normal too.  Just ask yourself, if I take this action, what is the worst thing that can happen?  I assure you it will not kill you; and outside of that, what is there to fear?  In your mind you may think failure…but the difference in the successful people in this world and the people who have achieved mediocre results is THE SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE HAVE FAILED MORE!!  And…they recover quickly; because, if success likes anything it is speed!!

Okay, time is up on this little self therapy session……See you later!!

Much Love!!


PS:  Do me a square….pause for a minute or two in silence today and focus your most positive energy in the direction of healing for everyone facing a life threatening disease or illness.  I feel strongly that if we do that regularly great things can happen!!

PPS:  I would love to hear how the law of attraction is working in your life; so, talk to me, please.  Oh, and raise your glass  to Navy SEAL Team Six for finally making a martyr out of Bin Laden!!

To Bub With Love

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Well, I must say I am utterly thrilled today.  For the first time since I started this blog, I received a flaming comment.  Sort of a yin to my yang, if you will.  To add to my delight, when I jumped over to the wordpress blog of the infamous bubbeelzebub (He says we should just call him Bub) I noticed that he has but one post and it is mine.  It is a post entitled “So What”.  He really didn’t steal the content, he copied and pasted it with all the related comments, etc. and gave the proper credit to me as the writer of the original post.  Here’s what Bub said…

“Yet another bored housewife spewing lofty piffle! The stench must be overwhelming in your neighborhood child. These are not original thoughts you have but mere left-overs warmed up in the microwave. The four disk, four hour excursion to dip that limited intellect into the shallow end of a knowledge pool of self-help audio books should be left up to the more worthy blogosphere bits and bytes.


(FYI  The definition of piffle is nonsense & there really is no stench in my neighborhood…)

Laura responded to the comment on my behalf in her lovely British accent, of course; and here’s what she said:

“(British accent engaged) Hello Bub, Laura here….just wanted to shout out to thank you for your lovely comments. And, much to our delight (Lori & myself) we discovered that you have set up your own blog where you have copied my post entitled “So What”. It’s truly brilliant. Perhaps you will add some original content on your site. My information is far from original…the roots of LOA teachings go back way too far for that. Hermes Trigmegistus wrote about it in “The Divine Pymander”. Lao Tzu discussed it in “Tao Te Ching”. Zen Buddhism is based on these teachings & it was continued in the works of Wallace Wattles, Napolean Hill, and Charles Haanel. I simply wasn’t born then, you silly boy!! Anyway, thank you again…and Lori thanks you too!!

Furthermore, there is but one source of originality…you might say God, or the universe or if you happen to be an atheist …you might say Mother Nature. At any rate, original I am not. I will settle for enlightened!!”

To take this a step further, I must say that at first glance I was rather offended at the words of Bub.  I mean bored…limited intellect..left overs…the nerve!!  I even went as far as to contact WordPress to report the stolen content.  I emailed Bub to remove the content from his blog and replace it with his own words.  To date, he has not responded; but, I will keep you posted.

But after a bit of reflection, I realized that the universe has sent me a gift.  And, now that I am a public figure ;), I will simply have to understand the polarizing effect that can have on a person.  I have stood up and told you that I am an expert in this field; and I’ll simply have to strap on my big girl knickers and accept the responsibility that comes along with this.  Don’t you think?

So, in all not so seriousness, this is fun engaging in a bit of controversy.  I really would love to know what you think about this little incident.  You have all been so kind (well, except for you, Bub) and some of you are oh so quiet…I urge you to speak your mind.  Whatever you say will be welcome.  Truthfully speaking, the voices in my own head are much louder than any of yours anyway…..

All games aside, time to get back to boring housewifery….

Much Love!!


PS  On a more serious note, someone very close to me is battling cancer and I hope you will put forth your most positive thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.  Her name is Brandice and she is my beloved cousin.  She is in her early thirties and I know she will beat this to live a long and blissful life.  Your positive thoughts and prayers will only help to speed up her certain recovery.  I truly thank you!!

PPS  For all of you out there who may be fighting a fight of any kind (health or perhaps the erroneous words of idiots like Bub or maybe even the voices inside your own head)….enjoy You Are Beautiful

The Law of Attraction

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I have a question for you.  Do you know what would happen to you if you stood on top of the Brooklyn Bridge and stepped off?  Of course, you do…you would get very, very wet.  You would fall squarely into the East River, right?  Why?  Because of gravity.  Basically, the law of gravity says that what goes up must come down.  And you don’t question it at all, do you?  I mean you don’t go around jumping off of high buildings or bridges or anything like that…do you?  Of course there are those of you renegades that jump out of airplanes or bungee jump or whatever.  I have to say, I will never understand the desire to do that; however, even you fools know what is going to happen.  You are coming back down to earth…hopefully with a fully functioning parachute or unbreakable bungee cord.  Yikes.

So…if you have no problem believing in the law of gravity, you should have an equally easy time believing in the law of attraction.  What the law of attraction, in its simplest form, means is that like attracts like.  When you focus on things (good or bad) you attract more of the same into your life.  Have you ever heard people say, “When it rains, it pours.”?  Well, there you have it.  Conversely, have you ever observed people that just seemed to do no wrong…they were on a roll as they say.  Again, the law of attraction in action.

Going forward, I am going to assume you get it.  I will not debate you on the issue any further; I just want to get right to it.  Whatever you focus your thoughts and most importantly your feelings on is what you will attract into your life.  Now, it is not going to fall into your lap effortlessly…I don’t think ;).  What will happen is you will start to get little nudges or inspirations.  These inspirations will lead you to the path of the outcome that you desire…every time!!  You think it.  You imagine how it feels to have it already.  You become charged like a magnet to it.  You act on the impulses that you receive and Voila!!  That’s how it works.

Now, you have to start today consciously controlling your mind and your thoughts.  I know it might sound exhausting; but I promise you it will become second nature to you.  Any time you have an errant thought that is not in alignment with your desired outcome, shift your thinking.  Suppose you find yourself worrying about paying the mortgage…stop…breathe…think about how cool it feels to own the house outright…no mortgage.

Okay, here’s the first thing to do.  Write down the way your life will be when you achieve your greatest dreams.  Write it in present tense.  As Bob Proctor said in “The Secret” start with the words, “I am so happy and grateful, now that…”  You need only be clear about the outcome.  Write in detail how much money you will have, what kind of house you will live in, what kind of car you will drive, what kind of philanthropic interests you will contribute to, etc.  Then, every morning and every night read it aloud to yourself.  Don’t worry about being silly…it’s not!  Then close your eyes and imagine the feeling of the achievement of what it is you want.  Understand that you do not have to justify any of it to anyone.  Your dream is what YOU want.  And mark my words, every time you open your eyes after this visualization/meditation process, you will have an idea.  Act on it.  You may be inspired to write something or call someone or whatever, but do it.  It is the universe showing you how to achieve what you just said you wanted.  So, in the wonderfully wise words of Nike…Just do it!!

You know one of the most amazing examples of this law is The Wright Brothers.  These two guys believed that you could fly a heavy plane in the air using a motor and it would take you anywhere you wanted to go.   They built models, gliders and prototypes out the wazoo and guess what…they made it happen when few believed it was even possible.  Now, we fly all over creation….effortlessly.  Hell, we propel rockets into space.  All of this started with just a little seed of an idea.  Thoughts become things!!

Much Love!!


PS  The visionaries that talk about the Law of Attraction talk a lot about your vibration.  In other words how you attract things based on your internal feelings.  Try this exercise.  Next time you have to go to the market or Target or wherever, go in feeling closed off (anxious or unhappy or worried) and observe how the people react to you.  You will find they will not make eye contact with you.  They seem to be almost repelled by you.  Then imagine something that makes you feel happy…really happy.  Then smile and enjoy the moment as you walk through the store and what you will find is that people will be drawn to you.  They will smile at you and say hello.  Make eye contact with as many people as you pass all the while feeling that inner light and you will understand how this vibrational energy works.  Your internal emotions and feelings send out a vibration and that vibration attracts like people or situations.  What you focus on and feel the strongest about is what the universe thinks you want more of and it will give it to you.  Unfortunately, we often focus on the lack or the worry or the practical urgencies of life.  I do it too; but, I am changing and we can do this together!

Blood Sweat and Tears Spinning Wheel

Idol Worship…It’s Getting Better & Better

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Was anybody else distracted by that flaming red lipstick on Steven Tyler’s face last night?  I just wanted to reach through the television screen and wipe it off.  For those of you that don’t know me, I don’t like lipstick…much to my Mother’s dismay.  I think it feels sticky and gooey on my lips and I don’t wear it…anymore.   Sure, back in my “vanity” heyday (the 80’s) I wore it and plenty of makeup and of course enough hairspray to choke a chicken; but several years back I gave it up.  Occasionally, in honor of my Mom and my Grandmother I’ll slap some on.  Whenever I do, my MaMa says, “Oh, you decided to wear make-up today.”  You’ve gotta love her!!

Okay, enough with the rambling.  Let’s get down to some serious Idol business, shall we?  I have to say I am having a harder and harder time choosing this year.  I don’t know if I am trapped inside some idealistic, hearts and flowers alternate universe; but these guys are consistently sounding great to me!!  Do you agree?  If you don’t, please don’t burst my bubble!

Anyway, at the risk of being repetitive ( again) I truly got goosebumps when Jacob sang “Dance with My Father Again”.  I think it probably had something to do with the poignant moment between Jacob and Jimmy Iovine when they discussed losing their fathers at a young age.   Boy is that Jimmy warm and fuzzy, or what (haha)?  I also have to give Jake props for keeping it together…did you notice the little hiccup in the beginning?  Don’t know if you agree; but I loved the performance and I love him.

I was totally awed by Casey’s performance last night.  I don’t know about you; but, I was very surprised by his voice last night.  He didn’t growl as much and I love the growl; but, I didn’t miss it.   He is one versatile dude.  The song he chose (Maroon 5 “Harder To Breathe”) sounded like it was written for him.  In my opinion, and here my opinion is the only one that matters…he wins the “Original Naturability” award hands down.  I mean he really has it all…talent, versatility, swagger, confidence……just blessed.  I love him!!  He is definitely the most unlikely sex symbol; yet, he is!!

And, you are not going to be surprised to hear my pick for Best Performance…….James Durbin.  I think I want to give him a nickname.  What about Durby?  I like it!  When he came out in that get up last night with the marching band, I was hooked.  He had me at hello…so to speak.  Those pants did remind me of the ones the Nazi army wore, though; but he pulled it off!  Then when he hit those falsettos in the chorus of that song…you know the part where he sang “They will not force us…..”.  Not many people can pull that off and hold it.  Amazing!!!!  Do you think a “metal” singer can win?  Hmmm…not sure; but I am hoping!!  (Are you starting to see what I mean about him sounding like Axl Rose from Guns ‘N Roses?)

I’m actually a little afraid to talk too much about Durby because I fear I may have cursed Pia and Paul.  I mean all along I predicted that Pia would win…she got voted off.  Then on the very week that I picked Paul as my favorite…he got voted off.  Here’s hoping it was a coincidence.  Looking at that word right now (coincidence) and it looks funny; but, spellcheck says it’s right so I’m leaving it.  Anyway, Idol lovers, isn’t the season flying by?  I’m already getting sad about the inevitable end.  And, why don’t they do more than one season a year?  Oh well, you know Simon’s “X Factor” is right around the corner.  Guess I’ll have to give it a shot.  Thanks for stopping by and please leave me a comment in the box below because I want to know your picks….promise me you will!!

Much Love!!


PS  I want to sincerely thank all of you for coming back!!  To date I have had over 7000 views on this site and I am just beginning this amazing journey that is going to lead me to great things and I am so happy to have you on the ride with me.  Don’t leave, because you know that I can use somebody…someone like you.

So What!!

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Over the course of the upcoming weeks I am going to do a little restructuring here at close2bliss.  Don’t worry, I am still going to share stories with you; but I am going to systemize a couple of things too.  I want to help you learn some of the techniques I have learned that have changed my life…for the better.

I remember the pivotal moment in my life.  It was the fall of 2005 and it was the first time I was introduced to the audio tapes of “The Secret”.  On a 4 hour road trip to the beach, my husband and I listened to the 4 disc series.  I simply cannot put into words the revelation that came over me.  I know you might find this hard to believe, but I had never heard any of this before.  It truly was a secret to me.

The most important concept that I started to implement in my life was the “accountability factor”.  I realized at that moment that everything (good and bad) that had happened in my life was MY responsibility.  Now I don’t mean that I caused all of the hardships that I had; or that you caused yours.  However, many of our struggles, if we are truly honest with ourselves, were self imposed.  And, the   power we give to those things is our choice!  It is not debatable and you know it.  Besides, if you are blaming other people or situations, how’s that working for you?  Don’t bother replying…I know the answer already!

So, here’s what…I want you to try a little game I play called…SO WHAT!!  Take out a sheet of paper and write down all the things that have happened to you in your life.  I’ll give you a random example:

  • My parents didn’t get along
  • My parent was an alcoholic
  • My parents abused/neglected me
  • Joe Blow broke my heart
  • My sister peed in my corn flakes
  • My brother made me sit in an ant bed
  • My dog died when I was 7
  • I failed the 3rd grade
  • We were poor
  • We were rich
  • blah…blah…blah

Then I want you to take each one of these issues and think about how it affects you NOW!  Talk out loud…wait until you’re alone in the house or in the car or wherever.  Then in all caps and huge letters write across the list…SO WHAT!!!  Then take the paper and shred it or burn it or toss it in the garbage pail.  If you live near the ocean, put it in a bottle and throw it out to sea.  It doesn’t have to control you now.  If you let it, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Everyone has a story to tell.  Some of the stories are sad.  But these chapters in YOUR book existED…past tense.  You can’t rewrite history.  But, you can turn the page and write a new chapter.  That is what happy, healthy, wealthy and wise people do, they move on.  You can too!!

Now, tomorrow I am going to recap American Idol.  After that, though, I am going to delve a little deeper into the law of attraction and how to use it in your life.  I don’t care if you don’t believe it now… you will.  You see it is also not debatable, it is a law just like gravity and the sooner you embrace it and leverage it, the better your life will be and that is what I want for you!!  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think and what you need.

Much Love!!


PS  I realize that some of you reading this may have some really serious scars from your past.  The “so what” exercise may not be enough to really heal those; so, seek counseling or hypnosis or whatever works for you to let it go.  Here in this space, we are going to focus our energy on today and your future.  Whatever work you need to do to reconcile your past…DO IT so that you can focus on making your life what you want it to be, okay?  Not for me…do it for yourself.

Enjoy the music…So What