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Peace For No Reason

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When there is light in the soul there will be beauty in the person..

When there is beauty in the person there will harmony in the house

When there is harmony in the house there will be order in the nation

When there is order in the nation there will be peace in the world.


I recently heard this ancient Chinese proverb from  Marci Shimoff.  Marci has collaborated with Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen on 6 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and she is the best- selling author of “Happy for No Reason”.

You know, in my own life I have spent far too much time worrying about things that were external.  Things that I neither had nor wanted control over.  Can you relate?

So, when I read this some time ago, I started a little “soul” searching.  I started taking out all those little demons that were responsible for the discontent I have felt from time to time.  The evil little things that prevented the light in my soul to shine at its brightest.  I made a conscious effort to rid myself of any grudges, dislikes, judgments, etc.  But, it is not a one-time shot, you know?

It is like a beautiful garden.  No matter how much care you take in planting those colorful flowers, succulent fruits, or yummy veggies, you have to come along periodically and remove the weeds.  So, instead of burying my weeds deep down in my own soul, I have started pulling them out OFTEN!!  My friends…. the weeds will destroy your garden if you let them take over.  Don’t let that happen!!

Within you is the brightest light.  You were created with the most indomitable spirit and magnificent mind.  You are the only reason for any achievements or failures in your life.  Imagine if just an additional 10% of the world’s population would take control of their own strength within.  Just imagine the light, the beauty, the harmony, the order and the peace that would result from that small increase.  What will you do right now to make the light in your soul shine brighter knowing that the ultimate result of our collective efforts will bring more peace to the world?

Tell me about it….

Much Love!!


PS:   Whatever you are holding on to or whatever you are bitching about that is on the outside of YOU (i.e. you have no control over), LET IT GO!!  As Hale Dwoskin (The Sedona Method) says: “Could you let it go?  Would you let it go?  WHEN?”  I think the answer to that question is NOW!!

PPS:  I know I have used this song before; but, it is perfect for this occasion!!


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  1. I heard it said once that harboring anger and resentment is like drinking poison to kill your enemy. You are the only one affected. I LOVE that analogy. XO

  2. Lori I admire your blog and the way you use words to inspire us.

  3. lori where have u been?



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