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(Warning:  I wrote this over the course of three days…don’t ask.  Hope you enjoy the disjointed stream of Lori Mind Mode consciousness…)

I was going to recap the previous week of Idol since I unfortunately missed my post; but, who cares?  Casey got voted off and that really sucks.  C’est la vie…there can only be one winner, right?  So, I’ll spare you the details and move right along to this week.

Holy shit!!  I cannot believe what I just heard.  Durby (i.e. James Durbin) won the goosebump award.  When he sang, “Without You” while tears welled up in his eyes and spilled over in the end, I melted.  And as tone deaf as I am, I actually did hear the imperfections in the performance, but it didn’t matter.  That 30 Seconds To Mars song he sang was none too shabby, either.  Don’t tell Jared Leto (bandmember), but I liked Durby’s version better.  I also have to whisper this one…I think he actually might win (Shhh!).  Beyond excited!!

Conversely, I am in total disagreement with the judges take on the first song Haley performed last night.  It was an unreleased Lady Gaga song and I get their point; but, I loved it!!  And, then her performance of “House of the Rising Sun” (frankly, not one of my favorite songs) was amazing!!  She absolutely has to record that for her first album or iPod download.  J Lo was right when she said that song was never performed so well.  That, my friends, is why I give Haley top honors for last night!!  She took a risk and she rocked it out!!  I totally love her voice.  I wish I could growl like that…….ROAR!!!     You know, I have to give her the original naturability award too.  Regardless of your opinion about her voice, you have to admit…she is unique!

Two things I must mention about my utter delight over this week’s episode:

  • Each contestant sang 2 songs
  • SHERYL CROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next…I am going to toot my own horn by announcing that my prediction for this week was absolutely correct.  I told myself on Wednesday night that Jacob would be out and I was right!  I really did!  I know how convenient that may sound since I know the results while writing this; but I did call it!  So, now that I am feeling a bit cocky about my ability to foresee the future I am going to predict that the final two will be Durby  (of course), and wait for it…………..Haley.  We’ll see if I go two for two.

Now, Scotty and Lauren, if you are reading this as I am certain you probably are….no offense.  I think you both are perfectly wonderful.  You both sang two of my favorite ballads of all time…”Unchained Melody” and “You Were Always On My Mind”.  By the way, Scotty, I think I would have called it Willie’s version and not Elvis’…just saying!  Anyway, I am sticking to my guns:  James and Haley in the final two.

Now, let’s talk about Sheryl Crow for a minute.  I personally think she is one of the coolest performers of our time.  She started out as a music teacher .  She sang in a band at night and finally one day she just decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  One of her first gigs was none other than a McDonald’s jingle that she reportedly made $40,000 to sing.  At the time, that probably represented twice her annual salary as a teacher.

She then landed a job touring with Michael Jackson.  She has performed and written music for a very esteemed list of rock and roll legends that includes The Eagles, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Kid Rock, Tina Turner, Stevie Wonder, & Stevie Nicks to name a few.

When she finally got a record deal, her first album (self titled) was scrapped by the record company.  She has endured controversy, publishing right disputes, a lifelong battle with depression, public break ups, breast cancer and is now a single mother to two toddler boys.  Talk about resilient!!   I have never seen her in concert; but, it is on my bucket list!!

Anyway, I simply have to put this one to bed, guys.   Three days is long enough, don’t you think?  I probably only worked on it for a grand total of 40 minutes if you add it all up; but it feels like an eternity.

Much Love!!


PS  Stay tuned for my Mother’s Day Post…

PPS  What is your favorite Sheryl Crow song?  Mine is  “My Favorite Mistake” with Eric Clapton on guitar


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  1. Sheryl Crow is great. Very cool. Very underrated.


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