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To Bub With Love

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Well, I must say I am utterly thrilled today.  For the first time since I started this blog, I received a flaming comment.  Sort of a yin to my yang, if you will.  To add to my delight, when I jumped over to the wordpress blog of the infamous bubbeelzebub (He says we should just call him Bub) I noticed that he has but one post and it is mine.  It is a post entitled “So What”.  He really didn’t steal the content, he copied and pasted it with all the related comments, etc. and gave the proper credit to me as the writer of the original post.  Here’s what Bub said…

“Yet another bored housewife spewing lofty piffle! The stench must be overwhelming in your neighborhood child. These are not original thoughts you have but mere left-overs warmed up in the microwave. The four disk, four hour excursion to dip that limited intellect into the shallow end of a knowledge pool of self-help audio books should be left up to the more worthy blogosphere bits and bytes.


(FYI  The definition of piffle is nonsense & there really is no stench in my neighborhood…)

Laura responded to the comment on my behalf in her lovely British accent, of course; and here’s what she said:

“(British accent engaged) Hello Bub, Laura here….just wanted to shout out to thank you for your lovely comments. And, much to our delight (Lori & myself) we discovered that you have set up your own blog where you have copied my post entitled “So What”. It’s truly brilliant. Perhaps you will add some original content on your site. My information is far from original…the roots of LOA teachings go back way too far for that. Hermes Trigmegistus wrote about it in “The Divine Pymander”. Lao Tzu discussed it in “Tao Te Ching”. Zen Buddhism is based on these teachings & it was continued in the works of Wallace Wattles, Napolean Hill, and Charles Haanel. I simply wasn’t born then, you silly boy!! Anyway, thank you again…and Lori thanks you too!!

Furthermore, there is but one source of originality…you might say God, or the universe or if you happen to be an atheist …you might say Mother Nature. At any rate, original I am not. I will settle for enlightened!!”

To take this a step further, I must say that at first glance I was rather offended at the words of Bub.  I mean bored…limited intellect..left overs…the nerve!!  I even went as far as to contact WordPress to report the stolen content.  I emailed Bub to remove the content from his blog and replace it with his own words.  To date, he has not responded; but, I will keep you posted.

But after a bit of reflection, I realized that the universe has sent me a gift.  And, now that I am a public figure ;), I will simply have to understand the polarizing effect that can have on a person.  I have stood up and told you that I am an expert in this field; and I’ll simply have to strap on my big girl knickers and accept the responsibility that comes along with this.  Don’t you think?

So, in all not so seriousness, this is fun engaging in a bit of controversy.  I really would love to know what you think about this little incident.  You have all been so kind (well, except for you, Bub) and some of you are oh so quiet…I urge you to speak your mind.  Whatever you say will be welcome.  Truthfully speaking, the voices in my own head are much louder than any of yours anyway…..

All games aside, time to get back to boring housewifery….

Much Love!!


PS  On a more serious note, someone very close to me is battling cancer and I hope you will put forth your most positive thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.  Her name is Brandice and she is my beloved cousin.  She is in her early thirties and I know she will beat this to live a long and blissful life.  Your positive thoughts and prayers will only help to speed up her certain recovery.  I truly thank you!!

PPS  For all of you out there who may be fighting a fight of any kind (health or perhaps the erroneous words of idiots like Bub or maybe even the voices inside your own head)….enjoy You Are Beautiful


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  1. Hi Lori,
    When people like “Bub” try to transfer their suffering onto others, they inadvertently provide us with opportunities for our own spiritual growth. They also give us cause to be grateful that we have chosen a different path.


    • Don’t know if you read my post entitled “Reverse Pessimists Club”; but I’m thinking Bub is working for me not against me…literally.

  2. Lori,

    Bub seems like a very lonely person who thrives on making others feel smaller than him. Your posts are fun, uplifting and inspiring – keep it up!!!


    • Christy, it is very intriguing! After further thought, I think it was a great thing. I have this strong suspicion that I know Bub and that he did this to benefit me… Hmmm, I really love a mystery!

  3. Jackie Paulson Author

    I pray for your cousin and pray for the strength to get through what is ahead. I will need help with my new paid blog, but not there yet. I am sorry that someone has copied and pasted on their British blog….How on earth did you catch it?
    Congrats on that~ Jackie

    • Hey, thank you for your prayers! She needs a lot of positive energy floating around. I am ever vigilant to focus on her recovery and not possible worst case scenarios.

  4. Tiffany Nipper

    Laura or Lori, “taking the high road” is definitely the way to go. It’s no surprise to me that you spun the Bub encounter into something positive. . . . if you have lemons, make lemonade, right? Love you.

    • I took the high road; but, I must admit my mind jumped to retaliation at first. As I thought about it more, I think there is more to the story on Bub. I actually get this strong suspicion that he is acting on my behalf. Just a theory!

  5. Why waste so much time and energy being negative?


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