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Idol Worship……A Weeping Guitar

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Well…..I hope you didn’t bet money based on my prediction  for American Idol; because, if so, you lost!!  Can you believe what just happened last night?  Pia Toscano got voted off.  I am just sitting here in utter amusement at my own reaction to this shocking event.  After all, it happens every year.  Some earth shattering surprise occurs every single season.  Someone goes home too early!!  The one that sticks out in my mind is Jennifer Hudson.  And, she has gone on to win a Grammy, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, an NAACP Image Award, & a Screen Actors Guild Award.  Not a bad haul for an American Idol ‘loser’, huh?  As I mentioned earlier in the season, it is my sincere belief that all of these guys have already won.  The proverbial door has been opened.  All they have to do at this point is walk through it!  Pia’s phone has probably not stopped ringing since the show ended last night.  After all, you don’t hear a voice like that every day.  Furthermore, she is extremely easy on the eyes.  Yes she will be a big star!!

You know, it is kind of weird to be writing this after knowing the results.  I usually write this on Thursday morning before the results show airs and due to the unfortunate visit to the ER with Laney Wednesday night, I was unable to watch the show that night.  The audacity of that child to injure herself during American Idol!  What was she thinking!!  Anyway, I simply will have to forgive her for the inconvenience.   But, it made for a bit of a TV viewing marathon last night.  I had to watch the recorded AI show, then I had to fast forward through the results show to find out who went home in time to watch the season premiere of “The Real Housewives of New York” (my favorite incarnation of ‘The Housewives’ franchise).  Oh well, sometimes you just have to push yourself beyond your limits ;)!!

Now, here’s where it gets a little muddy.  The show was based on songs from inductees of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…again right up my alley!!  And, as previously mentioned, I suspect I am tone deaf.  So, I base my musical loves on the way the song makes me feel.  I don’t care if it makes me laugh, or dance, or cry; I just love the feeling!!  It poses a dilemma, though, because I really felt it from all the contestants on this show.  I suppose I have to give my top honor to James Durbin who sang “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” (in a minute, I am going to share a bit of trivia on that song…so don’t go away).  I really relate to this guy, because his emotions are right there at the surface all the time.  It is so evident that his heart is in every performance and that touches me deeply.  For original naturability I have to give it to Scotty McCreery who sang Elvis’ “That’s All Right”.  To tackle an Elvis performance and do it so well and be 17 years old……..phenomenal!!  And once again, the goosebumps arose for Jacob Lusk and it is fitting because he sang “The Man In The Mirror” by the late, great Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace).  The song is in total harmony with my golden thread…the law of attraction.  Wrapping up, I am so sorry to see Pia go.  I will miss her beautiful voice; however, I believe we will be hearing a lot more of it in the not too distant future.  She is probably in Clive Davis’ office as we speak.

Now, as promised, I have a little nugget of information about “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.  It was written by George Harrison.  It was a single on the Beatles’ double album known as The White Album.  You know, that was the album Charles Manson thought they were speaking to him through….the wacko.  On the single, a lovely young British guy played lead guitar.  You may have heard of him.  His name is Eric Clapton.  George wrote the song as an experiment.  He had recently read the Chinese book “I Ching” (The Book of Changes) which talks about the fact that there is an interconnectivity to all things.  It says that there are no coincidences and that every happening or thing has a purpose.  It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  Anyway, he decided to write a song based on the first words he saw when opening a randomly selected book.  I can’t seem to find out what that book was; but, when George opened it he saw the words ‘gently weeps’.  He immediately closed the book and wrote the song.  As you know, it wasn’t easy for George to have his voice heard in the Beatles.  John and Paul’s songs always took precedence.  And, they were not exactly great friends during the recording of this album.  The presence of Eric Clapton, however, neutralized the situation and they recorded the song.  They respected and admired his abilities so much that they were all on their best behavior for the session.  As far as I am concerned, it is one of their best.  Rolling Stone magazine agrees….they ranked it #10 on the top 100 Beatles tunes.  Sadly, George passed away in November of 2001….on my birthday, the 29th.  He died of cancer at the age of 58….much too soon.  Arguably, though, he lived many lives through his travels, his music and his spiritual journey.  I would love to have known him.

Much Love!!


PS  The song I chose today is the aforementioned “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” performed by Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and Dhani Harrison (George’s son) in a tribute concert for George.  I hope you enjoy it…….

While My Guitar Gently Weeps




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  1. Hope Laney’s noggin is better!

  2. Great song. I love the tribute concert.

  3. Ok short and sweet. Well, not so sweet. I was crying my eyes out when the results came out. Pia was my hero! I just knew in my heart that James and Pia would be the last two standing. What a fool I am! What in the world was I thinking?? To make things worse I forgot to vote! So Lori my friend we can mourn together! On a side note. When James was singing
    “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” my husband was crying like a baby. It’s his all time favorite song. What do you think about the judges this year Lori? Do you think they help the singers?

    • I am still in shock. I was pretty certain she would be in the top 2 and I thought she would probably win…total package…she has a very bright future, though. As far as the judges go, I really like them. I severely mourned the loss of Simon; but I am happy….Ed thinks they are a little soft, though! Thanks for reading & commenting!! Love!!


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