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Magic Bandaids, Ice Cream and Permabond

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I don’t normally make excuses….anymore.  Many years back, I ceased the activity all together.  It was quite liberating, actually!  You see the law of attraction teachings shine a very clear light on who the culprit is of all happenings in your life….you.  However, Thursdays are normally the day I save for American Idol conversations and I am not doing it today.  Last evening around 7:30 P.M. (30 minutes before Idol air time) my beautiful little Laney had an accident.  While eating dinner she fell back in her chair (at her MiMi & Poppies’s house) and her head struck a metal barstool and she got a boo boo.  The amount of blood that flowed from that tiny little laceration was shocking indeed.  So, off we went to the emergency room.  I am known for my ability to be calm, cool, and collected; and on the outside I was.  On the inside I was screaming, “Oh shit!!”  Anyway, on the ride to the ER, Laney had a bit of a meltdown…not knowing what to expect.  I informed her without hesitation that the doctor would simply give her a “magic bandaid”.  She made me so proud.  She was very brave through the ordeal.  No stitches were administered.  They used permabond instead to seal the gash.  Oh, thank you God for permabond!!  (If you invented this amazing product or know who did…let me know; because, I owe you or them one!!)

By the time we left the ER, Laney was on top of the world.  She had endured this common rite of passage.  She suffered no pokes or pricks from needles or staples.  She had received two lovely stickers….a cat with heart shaped glasses and a precious little chihuahua dressed like a ballerina.  She also nabbed a couple of stickers for her BFF and cousin, Jadyn Rose.  Oh, and of course a promise of  ice cream from Dairy Queen.  Her choice:  a chocolate dipped cone.  Furthermore, we only spent approximately one hour there….that was miraculous, don’t you think? 

So, back to the “excuse”.  Don’t worry, I have American Idol recorded back at home. You know, the only thing better than watching American Idol is watching AI on DVR……AAAHHHHH!!!!   I will watch it this evening when we return from our visit to the grandparents and I will write  about it before going to bed tonight.  Now, when you awaken tomorrow, it will be there.  I promise! 

Okay, to wrap things up….if your angel gets a boo-boo on his/her head, it will literally bleed like a stuck pig.  To ease their minds on the way to the hospital, just lie to them.  Tell them whatever you have to in order to dispel the hysteria.  Take a lot of deep breaths, yourself.  Stay as calm as you can on the outside…their reaction to the situation will somewhat mirror your own.  Actually, it will be like yours time a gazillion!  (You know how when they fall and there is that pregnant pause before they react where they look at you to see how you are going to react.  If you go into a twist, they will go into a bigger one!)  And, remember there are always “magic bandaids”, permabond, and most importantly….ice cream!!  Hope it never happens to you…

Much Love!!


PS  My song choice today is one of Laney’s faves.  It is “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus.  This one is for you, my precious angel………..

PPS  Oh, best news….boo boo location:  back of head (i.e. no visible scar)

The Climb


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  1. Rose D. Rhodes

    I must say that the thought of last night’s accident sends chills down my spine. You know how much I hate to hear Laney and Jadyn Rose cry for ANY reason, but when they are hurt it is even worse. Thank God, my little Laney Bug is okay! And thank God, I raised two wonderful daughters who manage to react calmly in a crisis…..much UNLIKE their mother. I so enjoyed having you and Laney with me for the past few days and am looking forward to the next visit. I love you all very much.

  2. Poor baby girl! I’m glad to hear she’s okay. Kudos to you for being a awesome Mom! It’s so funny how many parents have the same experiences with their kids. My daughter was about four years old when we had a very scary but interesting event at Walmart. It was a busy Saturday afternoon so you know the place was packed. My husband wasn’t paying attention and stepped on my daughter’s big toe and ripped the nail off. He had those big clod hopping outdoor sandals on. Oh, let me tell you there was a lot of blood. I picked her up and ran to the bandaid section. As I ripped open one box of bandaids after another this woman yells at me “you can’t do that”! Really? I mean did she have a death wish??? lol Well,I stayed calm and cool. As I look back I wonder if the today me would handle the situation in the same way! lol

    • I know…the actual gash was rather small; the amount of blood was shocking. Thanks for the compliment!! I don’t know if that woman had a death wish; but, it would have been well within the law of motherhood if you had ripped her head off. Good thinking…on the bandaids…I don’t know if I would have acted so quickly!!

      I also had my first (& only…so far) stitches at about Laney’s age, my forehead went up against the corner of two walls and the corner won!! I have no recollection of it…thank goodness. My Grandmother told me I did not cry a single tear while being stitched up…do you think she is lying?

  3. We too have magic band-aids — not of the Permabond variety! While I haven’t suffered throught that rite of passage with either kid — I know how to handle it when I do! Glad Laney-girl is feeling better! Hope to play with her soon!


    • I hope you don’t have to go through it with Z or K; but, I am completely confident that you will handle it like a champ. She is fine and was such a brave little girl. Glad we had no needles to contend with :). See you soon!


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