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I Am The Benefactor of A Blogtrusion

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Oh my, I just pulled up my blog site on wordpress and I must say I am horrified, mortified and mystified.  It seems that I have been a victim of a blogtrusion!!  I never knew it possible; but I fear my blog has been hacked.  Did you read that post entitled “Oh, The Horror”?  Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for what might have occurred while I was not looking?  Someone, who is rather funny, I might add, must have gone in to my blog in the wee morning hours and made a promise that I am now going to be expected to fulfill.  The horror!!

I think I have a good idea who the culprit is.  There really is no mystery to it.  I believe it is a lovely British girl named Laura.  Have I mentioned Laura to you before?  Well, let’s just say we have an awful lot in common.  We share a skeleton, a heart and a brain.  She is funnier than I am and a lot braver and she drives me to do things that I normally would be reticent (understatement of the millennium) to do.  Sometimes I hate her for her unabashed audacity.  Sometimes she makes me laugh hysterically.  Sometimes she makes me feel scared and sometimes she makes me fearless.  I suppose if presented with a choice I would not rid myself of her even though my family might appreciate her riddance.    I actually believe that perhaps she is the best side of me.  You know, you always see that cliché situation where the angel sits on one shoulder and the devil sits on the other shoulder.  At first glimpse, you might classify Laura as that little demon.  But, when I really look closely, what I realize is that she is my best coach and advocate.  She is my mentor (until Joe Vitale enters my life, of course) and she doesn’t charge me a dime for her expert tutelage.  That settles it, then, Laura stays!

Let’s find a pearl of wisdom, here, shall we?  Don’t rid yourself of the best of you.  Even if the best of you is outspoken or fearless or even a little inappropriate at times; keep her or him around.  That renegade that lives inside you will take you places the obligatory and obedient side of you simply has no appetite for.  Furthermore, following the rules will get you…..well, nowhere & very quickly, I might add!!  So rock your inner renegade.  Let her or him shine as brightly as he or she can.  And if the little minx writes a check that you believe your broke ass simply cannot cash….then change your belief and cash it!!  I hope you get my drift!!  I really love you for reading this.  I write it for selfish reasons AND because I know it will help you too.  We are all on the same journey just in different places on the path. 

Now, one last request, unless your hands are currently bound or removed, send me a comment.  I don’t care if you get it.  I don’t care if you agree with me.  I love your opinion, good, bad or ugly so today when you stop by…say something, will you?

Much Love!!


PS  If you knew that your results or your mood, or your life could be transformed by the simple act of flipping a coin, would you flip it?  Inside of us all lies both sides of every possible emotion or attribute.  Heads up is better/Tails up sucks.  If you currently have the tail facing you, then for God’s sake, flip the coin, my friend!!!!!!! 

PPS  If you don’t believe in God, then for your sake…………(or the universe, or Buddha, or Krishna, whatever…….)

And I know this is a little out of character for me being the classic rock/classic R&B chick that I am; but Mariah Carey sang a song once called “Hero” and I love the message.  It is abundantly relevant to this post….so, click on the words below and close your eyes and listen!!  Take my word for it…do it!  (She claims the publishing rights for the song, but that has been the subject of some controversy….I am going to assume that she wrote it.  There is a lot of info online, though, if you are curious.) 



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  1. Your comment about flipping the coin made me think of this quote…
    ~ Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same. ~
    …it’s not my quote but I use it quite often.

  2. I wonder if Laura had anything to do with dead mice in mailboxes??????

  3. Wonderful reading today Lori. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Tiffany Nipper

    Wonderful read by a wonderful sister and wonderful mother!


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