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Wild Horses…We’ll Ride Them Someday

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I thought it was the prerogative of women to be fickle.  I thought that was one of the little fringe benefits of being a girl.  Don’t our husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers, etc. make fun of us all the time for changing our minds?  Well, guess what; you guys are fickle too.  Case in point, my husband whined so loud the other day when he found out about the post entitled “She’s A Maniac” because I talked about his bad habit of taking my keys, losing his wallet, losing his keys, losing his religion…you get the idea.  I took it to heart and decided that I would only mention him briefly ,if at all, in the future.  Well, now, on Thursday he whined because he said I never write about him in my blog.  I’m going to write this one quick because I know on about Tuesday of next week he’ll whine about me writing about him in my blog.  Oy!!  (Oops, hope I didn’t manifest that future whine-fest!  Also, some of this interchange may have been ever so slightly exaggerated for humorous effect!!)

All jokes aside, though, my husband is the person I am most grateful for.  You know I was never that girl who dreamt of getting married.  I didn’t plan my wedding at the age of 12.  I never considered what my dress would look like.  I suppose I always assumed I would marry and have kids; but I wasn’t exactly racing to the altar.  I married at the age of 38…for the first & final time!!  Oh, and I did race to the altar because of the “situation” (hint:  bun in the oven).  Actually, we were already engaged.  We had been talking about marriage for say a hundred years or better.  Technically, maybe 4 years.  I think we both felt like we were already married.  I know I did!  There were no invitations, no white dress, no flowers…just me, him, a preacher we just met, and his wife.  Funnily enough, we were supposed to wed the day before our actual nuptials but we got snowed in on top of a mountain.  The “silver bullet” ( aka 2002 Mercury Sable) isn’t exactly equipped for the elements, if you know what I mean.

My dress was a black two piece ensemble I purchased  from “Motherhood Maternity”. [I actually wore the dress several times…it was my only maternity dress :)].  I have often wondered if the preacher knew I was pregnant; or if he just remembers me as that chubby girl he performed the wedding ceremony for.  Anyway, it was a wonderful day!  Not traditional which is fitting of me.  It wasn’t about anything but the love of two people who could have just as easily never  met.  I am so thankful we did.  You know it was the law of attraction in action.  I had always pictured this man; this relationship.  I guess I just didn’t believe completely that he existed.  My husband is truly the most amazing man I have ever met.  He has made me a better and stronger person.  He planted a beautiful seed of confidence in me many years ago and it is growing into an amazing tree as we speak.  He is patient and kind.  He is smarter than Webster & Google combined.  I suspect he will be remembered as a man of great spiritual significance when he leaves this life to pursue another.   He made me a mother and a step-mother of four beautiful children.  He is my best friend and my soul mate.  Ed, I love you!!   I am so glad you are mine!!  I dedicate this song to you…..wild horses really couldn’t drag me away!!

Much Love!!


PS  Don’t let the one day that is your wedding overshadow the forever that is your marriage!!    (My quote!)

PPS  If your heart tells you it is time to close a door…do it.  It is the universe’s way of telling you there is a better door in need of opening.  I did it (a few times); and it lead me to you, Ed.  Do you understand?

[This song was written by one of the best songwriting duos of all time…Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.  People always speculated that Mick wrote the lyrics about Marianne Faithful; but he said that is not true.  Their relationship was long over by the time it was written.  It was probably like a lot of amazing music….it was inspired by a culmination of life experiences.  Keith actually wrote the “Wild Horses” chorus.  The most interesting tidbit of trivia about this particular song, though, to me being a Southern girl is that it was recorded at Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Alabama in December of 1969.  I was barely 2; but it is one of my all time favorite songs and that is why I chose it to share with you today!   It is also very fitting!!   Oh, I actually had the great thrill of seeing them perform it live!!]



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  1. Woah! I couldn’t have said that better if I tried LOL. I totally dig your writing skills and your blog! Please do keep up the excellent work!


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