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Idol Worship # 3

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YooHOOOO!!!!  Idol is getting good!!  These folks are in it to win it, DAWG!  Last night, while “trying” to watch Idol,  Laney came in to my room because she wanted to “snuggle”.  That is code for I want to jump around and do gymnastics on your bed and speak loudly so that you can’t hear your favorite show of all time!!  She, being the future Fortune 500 super negotiator that she is, knows I can never say no to a snuggle.  She really is the best snuggler!!  Anyway, I was recording it so who cares if I missed a few bars right?  A few times the evil alter ego (Laura) wanted to creep out and say “SHH….go away!!”  The sweet Lori simply said (calmly and rationally, of course), “Sweetie, you know this is Mommy’s favorite show so you really must be quiet.”  Want to take a guess at how successful that strategy was?  That’s right, about as successful as most of the dot-coms were at the end of the nineties!!  So, I had to take her firmly to bed and leave her to cry for oh about 15-20 seconds before she drifted off to sleep.  Amazingly enough, she still tries the tear strategy even though that stopped working at least a year ago.  Oh well, she is nothing if not persistent….I’m proud of that!!

Anyway, back to the track, (or as Laney says, Back to Traffic :))……American Idol.  As if the universe was acting only on my behalf, last night was Motown Night.  Now, you know me as a rock and roller; however, my first musical loves were the artists of Motown.  If Berry Gordy (founder of Motown) ever runs for anything in my lifetime…I WILL vote for him!!  Hell, I’ll hit the campaign trail for him.  Oh, and I just found out on Wiki.. that his birthday is November 28th (mine is November 29).  I see a joint b-day party in our future and Smokey Robinson will be the entertainment :)!!!  I remember as a kid listening to my fave of the Motown alums….The Jackson Five.   You know, the Motown sound is actually one I can sing…..WELL!!! (*cough* bullshit *cough*)

Okay, so here’s what…  My favorite is still James Durbin.  It is my supreme Idol intention that he will sing a Guns ‘n’ Roses song sometime during the course of the competition.  Mark my words!  It is simply the right thing to do.  My original naturability (oh, shut up spellcheck) prize this week goes to Paul McDonald who sang “The Tracks of My Tears” by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles. (I’ll make sure that is on the playlist for the party!!)  And, for the second week in a row, the goose bump award goes to (insert drum roll)….. Jacob Lusk.  In my opinion, this music in right in his wheel house and he knocked it out of the park!!  Shoot me a comment and let me know your picks for the three categories!!  If you disagree with me, that’s okay, just means you are wrong :)!!  Blissfully speaking, however, I am so proud of these kids.  They are beautiful and talented and courageous and I admire them more than words can say!

My song choice today is I’ll Be There by the Jackson Five.  I dedicate it to my Mother and my sister…they have always been there for me!  I love you both!!

Much Love!!

Lori Hamilton

PS   I am beside myself, Joe Vitale’s  VP of Ops responded to me via email yesterday to ask me to resubmit my correspondences…apparently she was unable to open my attached word documents…it’s all happening!!!  Wish me luck!

PPS  My husband just informed me that he was disappointed that I was not speaking about him in my blog….the other day he told me not to speak about him in my blog….wonder what he will say tomorrow?  Check out Sunday’s grat blog to see what I say about my Man!!



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  1. Rose D. Rhodes

    Thanks so much for the dedication and the beautiful comment. You, my sweet daughter, have been my strength so many times. I am so very thankful that you are mine!! Love you ‘all the way to the moon and back’.


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