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By The Way…Which One’s Pink?

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My daughter, Laney, has had an imaginary friend since she was old enough to poop a solid “turtle” (inside joke).  No offense, I’m just being cheeky.  Her first one (imaginary friend, not “turtle”) was a mischievous but oh so endearing young man named Mr. Parker.  I think she may have created him in honor of Mr. Parker in the Dr. Seuss book entitled “The Best Nest”.  You know, he’s the man that rang the church bell and scared the feathers off Mama Bird who had just built her new nest there.  Anyway, I ramble, so, back to the track…Lisa is another favorite “friend”; and lately, it seems that Allison is her BFF.  She runs a constant dialogue with Allison.  Sometimes, I think she’s talking to me and I say, “Laney, pardon me?”  She always looks at me with that look that only a teenager can pull off (remember she’s 4) and says, “Mommy, I’m talking to Allison right now.  Could you please give me a moment.”  I know what you are thinking, she’s paraphrasing again.  Well, I’m not…she really says that shit!  Anyway, I suppose at first I worried about this imaginary friend thing.  I mean, is it because she is by and large an only child and she’s lonely?  (You know her siblings are only around every other weekend.)  Could she have some multiple personality disorder?  Is she a bubble off center?  Just kidding, she’s perfectly sane and bright.  Actually, she’s quite advanced and I’m being totally objective :)!!

Something profound happened that answered my question the other day as we were travelling the return commute from school.  I was in the front seat talking to my imaginary friend.  Her name is Laura and she is a lovely young British Girl.  Do you remember the post entitled “Gods and Wankers”?  Well, if you have not read it yet, do it next and you will get the joke, so to speak.  Laney said, “Mommy, who are you talking to?”  Aha!?!  She is a little mini-me, after all, even though she resembles me about as much as Heidi Klum does.  Yes, I talk to myself constantly.  Sometimes I am actually speaking to God out loud; but, mostly I am speaking to myself.  I remember that litmus test that people used to refer to when they said, “Talking to yourself doesn’t mean you are crazy.  Now, if you answer yourself, then you are bonkers.” (Paraphrasing again)  Well, I must admit, then, that I am bonkers.  I mean really certifiable; because, I always answer myself.  Here’s what, though, answering yourself does NOT drive you crazy!  It drives you sane!!  After all, if you cannot find the answer inside of yourself, then where exactly do you intend to find it?  Now, this is not speculation…this is a Lori/Laura endorsed fact!!  I am sure there is some scientific evidence to prove this; but, if not..take my word for it!!  I feel so strongly about this that I am coining a new proverb and it goes a little something like this….”Talking to yourself isn’t a problem; unless you forget to answer!!”

Okay, thread closed……….let’s sing ………

I chose today’s song  for two reasons, the first line (Hello, is there anybody in there…you know the internal  voice thing?) and because I love it.  It is called “Comfortably Numb” and it was written and performed by the legendary Pink Floyd who I love beyond all words…….  Hope you enjoy it!  [Hint:  They have at least 1 or 2 other songs that are quite amazing, too! :)]

Much Love!


PS  Did you know that Pink Floyd was actually founded by a man named Syd Barrett (along with Roger Waters and Richard Wright, etc).  He was a brilliant musical genius.  He was a creative visionary.  He got a little caught up in the “sex, DRUGS, and rock and roll” thing and word has it that he took way too much LSD &  just lost it.  He left the band in 1968…actually he was forced out; but at that point, he didn’t care.  (Actually one of the band mates said that one day they just didn’t swing by to pick him up for rehearsal and never did again.)  All that talent and uniqueness just gone…poof!  Now, the band lived on and achieved great success.  They were inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame in 1996 and rightly so.  They truly can’t be grouped in with any other band.  They are that unique; but, my point is this……don’t let anything mask your creative power.  Whether it be drugs, alcohol, insecurity, fear, limiting thoughts or whatever….just shine on you crazy diamond!!  ( Also a  Pink Floyd song that was a tribute to Syd).  Oh, and one last thing, in the Pink Floyd song entitled “Have a Cigar”, there was a lyric that said, “Oh by the way, which one’s Pink?”  The song was written about being discovered by a record label.  Find it and listen to it, it is great!  But, back to the track, Syd Barrett WAS considered to be Pink (albeit, figuratively) in the early days.  He was their leader.  Sadly, he died in 2006.  May he find more peace in death than he ever did in life!!  I know, I know, enough with the Pink Floyd trivia, Lori!!

PPS  Denis Waitley is a man who is considered the peak performance expert.  He has written many best-selling books and has worked with Olympic athletes and top business executives to coach them to greatness.  He always says, “If you go there in the mind, you will go there in the body.”  Whatever you can imagine and envision, you can be.  I tell myself that every day!!



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  1. See… I’m not the only one that talks to and answers myself! Do you sometimes look in the mirror while having this dialog? Now, does THAT make me crazy? I think not. We all know how sane I am…

    Love that little Miss of yours! She’s pinchably cute. And love me some Pink Floyd. And your lesson… Shine on and be yourself! No matter who thinks you’re crazy! ;p

    Love ya!

  2. Of course I look in the mirror…just only when clothed. Can’t look at my own naked body, right now! Yes, when we first met, that was my first reaction…she is the most sane person I know!! That is a great lesson…wish I had learned it about 20 years ago. Oh well, better late than never!! I’ll pinch Laney for ya!! Love you dearly! Lori

  3. Oh my I think I have a new favorite blog to read….
    I am always talking (and answering myself) too.!


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