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Check out this conversation that occurred between Ed and Laney on Sunday.  It went a little something like this….

Laney:  Daddy, do you want to pungalate my popsicle?

Ed:  (quizzical look) Laney, did you say pungalate?   How do you spell that?

Laney:  (without hesitation but very sarcastically & phonetically)  PUN.GA.LATE

Me:  Laney, what does pungalate mean?

Laney:  When you put something in your mouth and pull something out of it……

The voice in my head:  Oh shit, now he (Ed) has a “new” word for it…….Stop it, Lori, get your mind out of the gutter!!

Then I stopped for a moment and thought about something.  Evidence keeps pointing to the fact that my four (almost five) year old is actually more intelligent than I am; so I immediately consulted with my friend, Webster.   Well, apparently Laney is more intelligent than him as well; because, he’s never heard of it either.  I wanted to go a step further so I consulted with my other friend, Google.  Holy crap, did that take me on a futile journey or what!!  It led me to some Italian websites that had the word “pungalate” in the body of the articles but after several failed attempts to get a translation from Italian to English I gave up.  Needless to say, it proves my point, Laney is smarter than all three of us (me, Webster, & Google)!  You know, it’s really a divine honor to be raising such an advanced child.  How long do you think it will be before she realizes that her mother is a complete idiot?  Do you think she already knows and is just humoring me?  Or do you think she is sandbagging for the teenage years?  (Ouch, that sent a painful chill down my spine!)

Okay, panic attack over……..Just spent the last 5 minutes saying a “new” affirmation.  I am as smart as my four year old.  I am as smart as  my four year old.  I am as smart as my four year old. Okay, if I do that for a couple of minutes everyday for the next 8 1/2 years (teenager time) I will be as smart as my four year old and SHE will be 13 :)!!  No fear, I know the law of attraction; so I will just act as if…..

Much love!!


PS  For the ladies reading this, please do not take offense to my assumption that Webster and Google are men.  It’s just that I am a mother and no loving mother would name their daughter Webster or Google!!  That’s all!!  Besides, if you even thought about that; get a grip on yourself!!

PPS  No relevant song pops into my mind today so this one is for Laney.  It’s Elton John, my fave, of course………..It’s called “Your Song”……Lyrics written by Bernie Taupin.  Sing with me, won’t you?



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  1. Rose D. Rhodes

    PRECIOUS! I know I must have the SMARTEST granddaughter ever! She is going to teach all of us so much….she already has!!!! Please give my Laney Bug a great big hug and kiss and tell her that MiMi loves her all the way to the moon and back! Love you too.

  2. Jackie Paulson 1966

    It’s so crazy that kids know more than their parents, you are not alone. Four year olds keep us on our “toes.” Why not?! Ok, I have to agree that Webster and Google are more of men’s names. But I know a lady who is Tommi. Yes, that is a boy name. I also know a GAY seriously, not Gayla. Go figure. When I named my daughter she was named after Micheal Jordan I spell it Jorden. DEN see that… so my daughter tech. has a boy name. Sorry to get off the topic but my daughter is 17. She knows more than me about texting. No lie. All this new tech… I guess I am still old fashioned. LOL Nice to have you on my blog and in my buddies. This is the best blog, ever. Jackie

    • I, too, know a lot of names that go both ways. Don’t know why I find the personification of things/objects so hilarious..but if you come back you will certainly see more of that. Thanks for your visit. I’ll stop by soon!!


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