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I have a daughter, you know I do.  I speak about her all the time and she is the love of my life (right beside my husband, of course).  She is also very demanding.  She expects ON A DAILY BASIS to be fed.  Most often she wants to eat 3-10 times each day.  She can’t bathe herself completely.  I mean, she is 4 years old and she can’t wash her own hair…I mean, she can’t get all the soap out!   She can wash her own ass which is a plus; but, she expects me to do the shampooing for her…the nerve!  She also expects my undivided attention (when she’s not watching SpongeBob, that is) and she constantly wants to have fun.  Furthermore, no matter how much I cajole her or beg her, she simply won’t go into that “box”. (inside joke…tell you about that later)  No, she wants all of me.  She’s also quite messy.  I fear she got it honest!  My husband and I are both quite scattered, as they say.  Interestingly enough, though, when I tell her to pick up her toys….she actually does it.  It’s quite miraculous, really, she actually strives to please me.  Sorry, think I just had an AHA moment, here.  An epiphany……..

A few days after this last Christmas, I was putting away the mother lode that Santa dumped on our doorstep.  I know what you are thinking; and, no, I do not have time on Christmas day or night to put it away.  My Christmas day looks a little like this…BBBBLLLLUUUURRRRRR!!!!!!!!  A lot of places to go and people to see, you know.  Not complaining, I love the hustle and bustle and wouldn’t have it any other way.  But, back to the track, I was cleaning.  If you know me well, you know that I get quite irritated when I have to clean.  So, I was walking around bitching and moaning and sighing.  My brow was furrowed.  I was pissed and all of a sudden I looked over and I saw the “Barbie Dream House” that Laney received from Santa.  Now, if you are familiar with Barbie, you know this is the pinnacle of Barbie-dom.  It is quite possibly the most coveted Barbie item out there until next year when they tweak it, make it better, and force Santa to bring us the new and improved one.  Oh well, Goodwill can use the old ones, can’t they.  Anyway, back to the track, yet again, a tear came to my eye.  (I am a cry baby of happy tears!)  I walked over to the Barbie Dream House which is probably close to 4 ft high and I placed my hand on the pink plastic roof (maybe its purple, I can’t remember right now) and I closed my eyes and took a long deep breath.  Then out loud, I said, “I have a daughter and she has a Barbie Dream House.”  The most amazing feeling came over me at that moment.  You know the one, that warm feeling  of complete bliss.  I am pretty sure it was God’s hands on my shoulders saying, “You’re focusing on the “right” ball, now.”  Some may say it is that Pause and Reboot moment…whatever.

Now, I’m still trying to make that strategy work when I iron Ed’s shirts or scrub the toilets; but, I can’t seem to find  the relevance in those things and that damned Barbie dream house.  Perhaps you can give me some suggestions in your comments……

Well, I’m out of words, only a song remains…………

“She’s got a smile that it seems to me, reminds me of childhood memories

Where everything was as fresh as a bright blue sky

Now and then when I see her face

She takes me away to that special place

And if I stare too long, I’d probably break down and cry..

Whoa….sweet child of mine

Whoa…sweet love of mine

She’s got eyes of the bluest skies, that if they thought of rain.

I’d hate to look into those eyes and see an ounce of pain

Her hair reminds me of a warm safe place, where as a child I’d hide

And pray for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by…..

Whoa…..sweet child of mine

Whoa..oh..oh..oh..sweet love of mine

Whoa…oh..oh.oh…sweet child of mine

Oooh, yeah….oh..oh..oh..oh..sweet love of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That is a song entitled “Sweet Child Of Mine” by quite possibly the best rock and roll band of all time….Guns ‘N Roses.  If you don’t know their music, you need to acquaint yourself.  I know, you can’t get past the hair and the tattoos and the sex, drugs, rock and roll thing; but, the box set entitled “Use Your Illusion 1 &2” is phenomenal through and through.  If you are not a believer, it will change your mind.  It is rare that you can listen to an album and not skip a single song.  You will skip nothing on these two.  Sadly, GNR is no longer together; but, the music is immortal!!!!! Listen to it, learn it and LOVE it!!  (Oh, and click to hear Sweet Child of Mine)watch?v=7ISz6BhrDXk&feature=related

Much love!!


PS:  I forgot to mention the families of the Tsunami victims yesterday(I mentioned the victims); but my prayers go out to you.  I’m not sure what the silver lining is to your cloud, but I sincerely hope you find one.  I know, in time, you will.

PPS:  Jack Canfield once told a story of Mother Theresa refusing to go to an anti-war rally.  She said, instead, that if you have a Pro-Peace rally, I’ll be there.  Let us stop being anti-whatever and be pro-whatever (fill in your own blank, there).  I suspect if we do, the world will be a better place; don’t you?  (The correct answer here is…YES; just so you know!)


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  1. I can relate. My daughter is 34, and when she visits me , she also expects to be fed on a daily basis. It never ends….

  2. Rose D. Rhodes

    ENJOY every minute with that sweet child of yours. The time goes much too fast as I am sure you have realized since becoming a mother. As the saying goes, “It seems like only yesterday……”. And it really does, doesn’t it. Much love to you, sweet child of mine.


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