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No Longer a Facebook Virgin

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Hey loyal listeners!!  Don’t think me crazy; but, I have recently launched a full frontal initiative to have my voice heard which I am certain will open up shitloads of profitable opportunities in the very new future.  Have you ever heard of Joe Vitale?  If not, go immediately to a new browser and google him.  He is a best selling author and star of the movie “The Secret”.  He literally went from homeless to mega-successful in the writing business (from soup to nuts).  If you have read any of my previous posts, you know I am a BIG believer in the law of attraction and he is at the forefront of that crusade.  At any rate, he is the one that I am most compelled to work with so I have issued a plea to be granted a scholarship into his mentoring program .  To date, I have sent four correspondences to him.  As of yet, my letters are unanswered…but I feel pretty certain that he is on safari or on extended holiday with the Dalai Lama or something of the sort.  I know that as soon as he returns stateside I will rise to the top of his “To Do” List.  (It just occurred to me, perhaps he is on Necker Island on retreat with Sir Richard Branson..that explains the delay.).  At any rate, I promise to keep you posted on that front.

Being an ex-Investment Adviser, I also had an epiphany.  Lori, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!  So, on that note, I am working some other angles.  Most notably, I have posted a plea on the Facebook wall of Mark Victor Hansen.  Know him?  (Hint:  Chicken Soup for the Soul)  If you desire, you may go to his wall and post or read mine or say something particularly kind about me or whatever…. I believe you have to hit the “Like Button” to open up the dialog box on his wall.  I am waging some other self promoting endeavors as well but you will have to stay tuned to get the details.  You know I promised to post new entries 3 times a week; but, it looks like at least in the short run I will be much more prolific.

Now, this Facebook thing.  Do you think it’s here to stay?  I only ask because I just recently (within the last 2 weeks) joined and I am enjoying it immensely and I don’t want it to go away.  Do you think we are safe on that front?  Actually, I’m quite certain Zuckerberg created this whole thing just for me.  He built it so that I would come.  He knows that I am especially challenged at keeping in touch with my friends and he simply felt compelled to create a platform that made it impossible for me not to do so.  Mark, I am ever so sorry it took me so long to show up.   Truthfully, though, this little website he’s got going here is f@#$%&g amazing!!  Those other Harvard guys that so wrongly accused Mark of pirating this idea would have never created this phenomenon.  Sorry, guys, you know it’s true.  I suppose you will just have to be happy with the $65 million you were awarded  for NOTHING (at least that is the figure I heard through the grapevine) !!!  Sorry to censor my expletive above, I just can’t say it in front of my Mother.

Oh well, I don’t know what else to say so I suppose I will sing myself off….

I took my love and I took it down

I climbed a mountain and I turned around

and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills

and the landslide brought me down….

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?

Can the child within my heart rise above?

Can I sail through the changing ocean tides?

Can I handle the seasons of my life?

Oh..Oh.. I don’t know…

Well, I’ve been afraid of changing….cause I built my life around you…

But time makes you bolder, children get older…I’m getting older too

So, I took my love and I took it down….I climbed a mountain and I TURNED around…and I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills…well the landslide brought me down.

You know, Stevie Nicks wrote that for her Dad.  Stevie, I know I am not alone when I say Thank You!!!  From the bottom of my heart….thank you for all the sweet music.  And you too Fleetwood Mac (Lindsay, Mick, John and Christine).

That settles it, I will sing my way off every time from now on.  Please enjoy the music while your party is reached…..

Much love!!

Lori Hamilton

PS:  Don’t wait….your bliss wants you to show up!


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  1. Lori, Love this post. Vitale is very cool and yes, I think Facebook is going to be around for a long time and will probably be getting stronger! Chris

  2. Rock on girlie! Love the blog — when I got your text I thought surely you had lost your cellphone and it was a ploy to give me a virus or collect my personal information and use it for the detriment of society but NO! Not only have you popped your Facebook cherry in the past few weeks but now you are a blogger! Now get to posting some pictures and I refuse to sign the release form — you’ll have to refer to me as Jane.

  3. I LOVE Stevie!!! She is a Rock Queen! Blog on, Lori!!


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